KutzEZ™ Mini
KutzEZ™ Mini
KutzEZ™ Mini
KutzEZ™ Mini
KutzEZ™ Mini
KutzEZ™ Mini
KutzEZ™ Mini
KutzEZ™ Mini
KutzEZ™ Mini
KutzEZ™ Mini

KutzEZ™ Mini


The smaller version of the KutzEZ™ knife also virtually eliminates accidental injury while opening boxes, cartons, packages and bags. The KutzEZ™ Mini also easily cuts twine, banding, string, rope and cord materials and much more. This new product has many uses in the home, garage, barn, automobile or on craft projects.

KutzEZ Mini is exceptionally small for convenient transport in a pocket, tool carrier or on a key chain. KutzEZ Mini knife’s innovative design is patent pending and available in many vibrant colors.

Each case contains 1,020 KutzEZ™ Mini knives total in 24 packs with 50 knives per pack. Each pack has the following colors included: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange & Pink. No substitution of colors is allowed.

The convenient and patent pending attachable/replaceable RetailzEZ™ Kup holds 50 brightly colored KutzEZ Mini. It is disposable and easily replaced with a new fully-stocked cup. KutzEZ can be merchandised on pallet racks, shelves and at the cash wrap using TrustPoint merchandising solutions and signage.

Proudly Made and Manufactured in the USA.

Features & Benefits

KutzEZ Mini Features & Benefits

 Key Features & Benefits:

  • Safely cut and open virtually anything
  • Great for home improvement projects and daily chores in and around the house, yard, workshop or barn
  • Perfect for craft projects
  • Convenient to carry and transport on key chain or in pocket
  • Available in six fun and vibrant colors: green, purple, yellow, blue, orange and pink

 Retailer Benefits:

  • Easy to display at racks, on shelves and at checkout counters
  • Multiple unit sales opportunities per customer
  • Multiple display locations throughout the store increasing sales opportunities
  • 50 selling units per cup
  • Available by the pack or case (24 packs/case)
  • Replaceable, fully stocked cups for quick re-stocking


Product Usage Video

Product Support Items

Each pack comes with its own RetailzEZ™ Kup, KlipzEZ™, ShelvzEZ™ attachments and POS-Signage.



RetailzEZ™ Kup professionally displays 50 KutzEZ™ or 50 KutzEZ™ Mini knives effectively and efficiently in-store to maximize sales.



KlipzEZ™ can be used to connect the RetailzEZ™ Kup to pallet racking where desired throughout the store.



ShelvzEZ™ can be used to connect the RetailzEZ™ Kup to shelving while maximizing shelf space.

Point-of-Sale Signage

Point of Sale Signage

Use KutzEZ™ signs to build awareness and quickly illustrate the many knife uses to your consumers in-store.

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